it's possible to MAKE OVER 6-figureS plannING and...

 love your clients  spend time with your family  prioritize self care  sell confidently  feel proud of your work  be present in every day life  make a profit with ease

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Becoming 6-FIGURE PLANNER™ doesn’t require doing 50 events per year, building an agency, or answering to clients around the clock. 

It requires a proven system to grow a luxury event planning business with ease.

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It’s time to get clear!

If you are a planner looking to deliver excellence there are 3 things you need to ensure you grow your business with confidence.

1. A growth strategy that will allow you to make more money without sacrificing your personal life


2. A deep dive of the essence of true luxury and what high profile clients are looking for


3. To deliver services from an expert’s perspective rather than from an insecure mindset 

On April 11th, I’m hosting a FREE Masterclass to share my expertise on everything above.

You see, when you're planning events with budgets that are out of alignment, it can feel like all of the pressure is on you to execute...

And, as you probably know all too well, that energy can weigh on you at events, during the planing the process, and even when you're "off the clock."

But, that all changes now...


"I saw an increase in my income of more than 60K within the first 6 months.

My life and business have been completely transformed. The biggest transformation came from implementing the tools that Kathy provides and to allow myself to be guided. I saw an increase in my income of more than 60K within the first 6 months of enrolling in the course. I learned to set my staff up so I can let go and grow the company. Learning how to speak to my ideal client has opened the door for me to service other cultures"

Crystal B.

"My fees have increased and my processes are more refined.

I was at a crossroads in my business when I came across ADVANTAGE.  I had made a name for myself, but I wasn't hitting milestones or getting the clients I really wanted in my business.  I knew that I needed something different.  I had done all the FREE downloads and masterclasses, but they only got me so far.  AFter taking this program with Kathy, my mindset has shifted and I simply can't go back to doing business the way I was.  My fees have increased and my processes are more refined.  Within the first 2 weeks of the program I knew I was in the right place for my business.  Can't wait to learn more from Kathy!”

Pearl F.

"I booked my first million dollar wedding.

Benefits of the Advantage Program and working with Kathy:
1) My imposter syndrome is gone, I know I have the talent and capacity to be an amazing planner AND business owner;
2) I will be making real money moving forward and will actually be able to contribute to my families finances;
3) I will only work with clients that align with me and what I do and I will no longer work with clients that are unable to afford my service or don't see my value;
4) I am prepared for anything that comes my way -- If Kim K. calls me for her next wedding, I'm ready to say yes!
5) You have changed my life -- you make me proud of what I've accomplished, excited for what’s to come, and valued for what I bring to this world. Icing on the cake: I booked my first million dollar wedding!

Courtney L.

Being a high-profile event planner, brand strategist, and business coach is my super power.

I wake up every day with a boatload of energy and an unquenchable desire to give life my all. People who never give up move me and motivate me to be better. My business honors what matters most to me – family. To me there are no greater titles than “mom” and “wife.”

In my nearly 30 years in the business, I’ve delivered high-level event planning and design services to celebrities, business tycoons, socialites, royal families, and blue chip companies in North America and Europe.

In this Masterclass, I’m teaching the exact strategies I used to grow my 7-figure event planning business without sacrificing my life.

Apply to join me live on April 11th using the form below.