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If clients question your fees,
you are not articulating your value

well enough

ADVANTAGE™ trains you to become a profitable master planner

I have a track record of helping planners understand how to make money while planning the pretty. I’ve trained them to establish higher fees from the jump and how to service the high profile market.

My strategies help you identify the right clients with the right budgets that generate a higher income for you without the burnout that stems from an excessive number of events.

The ADVANTAGE™ coaching program focuses on 3 main objectives:

01 Train

Trains you to price and sell concierge-style planning services with confidence so you earn more than $100k while planning fewer events per year.


Guide you to land the right clients with the right budgets and deliver exceptional events consistently.


Position YOU as a profitable business without sacrificing the most important things in life: family, health, friends, and freedom.

Get One-on-one coaching with Kathy

Advantage™ is a very personal coaching experience delivered by me that requires a qualification process for each CEO. I will work with a select group of qualified planners who are committed to achieving the 3 objectives above. You need to be ready for this level of growth. ADVANTAGE™ will shift your mindset from learning to implementing as you become a master planner.

This program is not for everyone. It’s for the most dedicated planners from around the world. ADVANTAGE™ will produce measurable results for YOU if you are ready!

ADVANTAGE™ is for event planners who:

Have a minimum of 3 years experience

Want to earn over $100k by upgrading their services and their knowledge within a year

Want to position themselves as experts in the event industry

Believe in their potential but need the information that high profile planners guard with their lives

Are serious and ready to make things happen NOW!

Truly care about their clients and want to deliver excellence


"I saw an increase in my income of more than 60K within the first 6 months.

My life and business have been completely transformed. The biggest transformation came from implementing the tools that Kathy provides and to allow myself to be guided. I saw an increase in my income of more than 60K within the first 6 months of enrolling in the course. I learned to set my staff up so I can let go and grow the company. Learning how to speak to my ideal client has opened the door for me to service other cultures"

Crystal B.

"If I had unlimited money I would have loved to have Kathy as my business coach forever.

I started listening to Kathy on IG and when she announced her new program I contacted with her and felt special connection with her. Although we were still during the pandemic and income was not coming in, I still was confident to sign up with Kathy. She is totally worth it. Before I hired Kathy, I tried several things to get the clients that I used to get but nothing worked.

Kathy really takes the time to explain all the details of the program, she  coaches you on how to set up your expectations.  She shared all her resources, information, her process, her years of experience with us during the 3 months. She gave us so much value. She helped me book my first wedding on percentage with a minimum. She trains you on how to present your services. OMG, it really made an impact when I presented  to new clients. This way they elevated my presentation skills. She helped me create momentum in my business. Her budget breakdown really opened my eye on what I was doing wrong with my business.

If I had unlimited money I would have loved to have Kathy as my business coach forever. This woman is on fire, I look forward to our sessions every week. And the all the ladies that joined the program, I am so honored to be part of this group of intellectual business women. I learned so much from them too. Planning to stay connected with them."

Nahid F.

"ADVANTAGE™ is the truth.

Kathy puts her heart and soul into the program. There's no topic that's not covered. As a new business owner, I found the program extremely beneficial because I can implement the ADVANTAGETM principles from the start to buil the infrastructure instead of having to unlearn and change ineffective business practices. Be ready to stretch yourself, be dedicated, do the work, and show up no matter what.”

Jessica W.

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